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Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors are available in 3 types

  • Fabric/Bag Filter

  • Cyclone Separator

  • Wet Collector

Fabric/Bag Filter

Fabric/Bag Filters are specially used for collecting minute dust particles. It removes particulate from carrier air/gas streams by interception, impaction and diffusion mechanisms.

The dust which is filtered from the air/gas streams collects on the outside of the bags. It is then removed from the bags by manual/mechanical shaking or pulse jet cleaning. The fabric filter bags are made of acrylic, polyester needle felt, polypropylene nylon, terrylene, antistatic, etc. depending upon requirement. Compact Bag Filter are also available mounted on wheels for single point dust extraction or frequently relocated dust producing operation.

Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator are normally used for the collection of the coarse dust particles or as a precleaner to more efficient dust collectors.

The dusty air is introduced at the top of a cyclone through the inlet pipe located tangentially to the cylindrical portion. The gases then move downwards in a whirling motion, forming a peripheral vortex and giving rise to centrifugal forces, resulting in a throwing of the dust particles towards the walls, which then move downwards into the hopper and are removed.

Wet Collector

Wet Collectors are specially used for collecting minute dust particles and also for scrubbing obnoxious fumes (Medium pressure venturi scrubber).

The dusty air enters the inlet chambers and then passes through the venturi section. The water level being higher than the venturi section the dusty air bubbles through waterforms tiny water droplets trapping the dust particles into agglomerates. The larger agglomerates sink whereas the smaller particles are entrained in the water droplets, which are removed while passing the baffles.











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