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Fume Scrubbers

Fume Scrubbers are available in 2 types

  • Packaged Bed Type

  • Venturi Type

Fume Scrubbers are useful for scrubbing obnoxious fumes such as silicon tetra-fluoride, super phosphate, phosphoric acid and fluorine etc.

Packaged Bed Type Fume Scrubbers

Packaged Bed Type Fume Scrubbers uses contact rings and forms a bed over which liquid is introduced via spray piping and nozzles. Gases and liquid passes through the bed either concurrently, counter-currently or in cross-flow.

Venturi Type Fume Scrubbers

Venturi Type Fume Scrubbers uses a venturi-shaped construction to establish throat velocity. Gas velocities through venturi throat is very high and liquid is supplied at or a head of the throat through piping or jets. The venturi acts as a gas conditioner causing intimate contact between gas and jet streams of liquid.










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