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  Material Handling System

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyor is the most simplest & oldest method of conveying bulk materials in a enclosed trough in horizontal, inclined & vertical profile and have several advantage for certain types of conveying, cooling, mixing & blending, where churning action of the revolving screw is not objectionable. The material is moved with the help of spiral helical screw flights rotating in the stationary trough. Aerovent can offer screw conveyors of length upto 35 Mtrs or more with help of intermediate hanger bearings and capacities upto 150 TPH. This conveyor facilitate multi feed or multi discharge with the help of gates at its inlet or outlet. Screw conveyors can be easily sealed to dust and fumes entering or escaping or can be jacketed to serve as a dryer or cooler. We can offer screw conveyor from 100 mm to 1000 mm diameter for various applications with standard helical screw, twin screw, ribbon flight screw, paddle type screw and screw feeders etc.




















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